How to Speak Like a CEO in 37 Minutes

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Speak Like a CEO in 37 Minutes

I delivered a keynote to train executives on how to speak like with confidence, enthusiasm, and authority.

Lots of juicy nuggets that you’ll LOVE!

Today, I’m going to share those learnings with you.

You’ll learn the following:

1) How to Speak Like a CEO

- How to look like a confident CEO or Leader before you even say a word
- What to say to sound like a CEO
- How to say it to sound confident, enthusiastic, and assertive

On top of the actual content of the workshop,
You can also learn a lot from:

2) How the workshop was facilitated:

- How to begin and end a workshop
- How to keep your audience engaged
- How to facilitate learning through exercises instead of relying on slides

- How to incorporate humour into a workshop or keynote

You can watch the full training here:

P.S - I’m working on something exciting for you.

I’ve gotten 10,000+ comments and messages asking me to make a speaking course.

So I made the 10-day free speaking course,

While thousands have benefited from my 10 day speaking course,

You’ve asked me to make a longer-term solution.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally gotten time off my coaching to work to work on a new project.

My focus now is on building a self-paced speaking course designed specifically for you to learn public speaking from home.

My aim is to take my $100,000+ invested into learning the best speaking techniques +

The techniques that I use to coach more than 2,500 leaders .

… and create an affordable course that anyone, at any level, can use to transform their speaking confidence from HOME.

The focus of this course will NOT be on information.

The goal is on helping you practice your SPEAKING, not consuming videos.

I will keep updating you as I make progress on this course.

I’ll only release it when I’m 100% sure it’s something truly special.