A Simple Exercise to Sound More Interesting

A Simple Exercise to Sound More Interesting

Live Demonstration Below:


We've all been there - listening to a speaker with a monotone voice that makes everything sound the same and, frankly, quite boring.

This lack of variation in tone can make even the most exciting topics seem dull, leaving audiences disengaged and uninterested.

Ineffective Alternative Solutions

Many try to overcome this by focusing too much on the content, adding unnecessary fluff, or using complex vocabulary, thinking it will make their speech more engaging.

Unfortunately, these methods often fall flat, as they don't address the root of the problem: the monotone delivery.

How to Fix This

Here’s a straightforward exercise that can help you break the monotone pattern and make your speech sound more interesting instantly.

The solution lies in the modulation of your voice, emphasizing every other word to create a rhythm that captivates your audience.

How to Use It

To get started, all you need is a book or any piece of text. As you read aloud, try to make every other word a little bit louder than the last one. (Video instruction below)

Don't worry about the content at this stage; focus solely on your delivery.

Here's a demonstration using a simple sentence:

Original: "This is a blue marker it writes on the board behind me I write all my ideas with it."

Improved "This is a BLUE marker, it WRITES on the BOARD behind me, I WRITE all my IDEAS with it."

Notice the difference? Just by emphasizing alternate words, the sentence sounds more engaging and lively.

Benefit in Daily Life

Incorporating this technique into your daily conversations or presentations can have a profound impact.

Not only will it make your speech more interesting, but it will also help in holding your audience's attention, conveying your message more effectively, and leaving a lasting impression.

Sameness is the enemy of interest.
Introduce variety to captivate your audience.
Variety in tone, volume, pace, and body language.

Here’s how to do this exercise:

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