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How to Be More Persuasive - Pitching & Presenting

How to Be More Persuasive

You can make anything sound more interesting by presenting it in the right order.

You can do this to be more persuasive in conversations, in pitches, in negotiations, and make a crap ton more $$$ while doing it.

Here's an example of me giving a pitch for a regular item like a cup of coffee.

You can use this for your next pitch, presentation, or sales presentation.

Here’s the format I used:


The first thing I spent a lot of time on, is building the problem or the pain.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff. Most people don't spend enough time here.

They glass over this and they go right into the product.

This is a mistake.

When you take more time to describe the pain, and then, eventually, you mention your solution, it sounds like a much bigger solution.

You notice I mentioned specific details and numbers, and I also describe a specific situation that the audience can imagine.

The word imagine is very powerful, because it instantly transports people to visualize what you were talking about.

Current Alternatives

The next thing I did was talk about the current solutions on the market.

The problem persists, but what people are doing about it right now to solve it?

I talk about it in a way that makes the other solutions not sound very appealing or sound ineffective.

This will leave people thinking “wow this is a huge problem and there's no real solution out there, what can we do about this?”

This creates the opportunity for you to come in like Superman with your product to help everyone.


Now that we've established a problem, and no real alternatives. I will introduce the solution.

I also present a one line summary of what the product does so people can associate the product with a certain outcome i.e transport yourself to your most productive self.

You will notice I don't spend any time talking about what coffee bean is made of, what the technical process of making it is, and all the features of the product.

This ultimately doesn't matter. People pay for the end result and that's what I focus on.


I show people how to use the product and give them a step-by-step guide of how they can use it themselves, and how easy it will make their life. That we will not take a lot of time and pay off is going to be extremely high.

This makes it extremely easy to understand, and when it's easy to understand, people can see the value it brings.

A lot of people make the mistake of including so many details that the audience just does not understand and they are left confused.

A confused person will not buy or believe in what you are offering. There needs to be clarity and for there to be clarity there needs to be simplicity.

Bonus: Social Proof

I also mentioned that this is consumed by billions of people around the world.

People like buying into ideas that have been validated by other people.

This is called social proof. No one wants to try a new product that they're not sure whether it works or not,

When you say, other people have tried it, or other people have given testimonials around it, it makes it a lot more believable.

Call to Action

At the end of your presentation or demo you need to have some sort of call action.

What do you want them to think, feel or do by the time we're done?

You could have the most amazing presentation in the world, but if they don't know what to do afterwards, it will not help you or help them.

In this case, I told them to go grab a cup of coffee.

Hope this helped!