Body Language & Public Speaking

How Body Language Changes How People Perceive You

Ex-FBI Agent Joe Navarro talks about body language in great detail in this book

Here’s what stood out for me:

  1. Reading the Room: Navarro expounds on the significance of gauging the audience's reactions by reading their body language. Observing if they are leaning forward with interest or sitting back in boredom can offer real-time feedback, allowing you to tailor your delivery for better engagement.

  2. Assertive Gestures: Employ powerful gestures such as the 'steepling' (touching the fingertips together) to exude confidence and authority on stage. These non-verbal cues underscore your assertions, making your message resonate stronger.

  3. Facial Expressions: A genuine smile or a thoughtful furrow of the brow can humanize you, making your audience feel more connected. Navarro stresses the authenticity of facial expressions in building  trust.

  4. Open Postures: Adopting open postures, like standing tall with shoulders back, not only elevates your aura of command but also makes you feel more self-assured internally.

  5. Tackling Nervous Tells: Navarro’s guide helps in identifying and controlling nervous ticks such as fidgeting, which can detract from the impression of confidence. By being aware and curbing these, you exhibit a calm and composed demeanor.

Here’s an example of President Nixon after the Watergate scandal.

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