How You'll Become a CONFIDENT Speaker in 2024

Need your input

I’m building something to help you become the most confident speaker in 2024.

and I need your input to make it happen.


Over the past few years,

I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from viewers asking

“Where can I go for affordable communication skills training?”

I’ve never really had a good answer to this question.

So I decided to build it.

I don’t have everything figured out yet, so I need your help.

What I have in mind:

The idea came to me when I joined a new martial arts gym.

The gym was pretty old, the trainers were good but not world-class by any stretch.

The classes were very simple and straight forward.

But there was one MAJOR issue I’ve had with gyms in the past,

That I did NOT have at this gym.

That was: I actually went …. and I went a lot.

I enjoyed it. Even though I was getting my butt kicked every day.

and because I went a lot, I made a lot of progress.

So I began to decode this - why did I want to go so bad?

I found there were 3 components

1- There’s something new every time I go. A new move, a new technique, a new instructor even. It kept it exciting, I wanted to know what I’ll be learning next. I didn’t have to think about what to learn, I just had to show up.

2- There was a community of other people doing the exact same thing. Some of these people became friends. I started seeing them make progress. It gave me hope for my own progression. We often began helping each other with techniques after class.

3- There was accountability. If I ever missed a class, my instructor would ask me where I’ve been. I would see other members who joined later than I did, suddenly became much better than I was. This motivated me to keep coming back.

These 3 components of:

i) Learning new material,

ii) Community,

iii) Accountability

are what I want to create a communication skills community around.

Do we really need another ‘course’?

You see, the problem isn’t not knowing what to do.

The problem is knowing what to do but never getting around to doing it.

That’s where community and accountability play such a pivotal role.

This is why I’m building a community (that includes unlimited courses)

Help me create this community

I want YOUR help to build a community YOU would want to be a part of.

In short, I want to create a place where you would:

Go to learn new communication tips and techniques,
Have members holding you accountable to practicing,
Practice your speaking skills and get feedback from other members.

So much so that you never want to leave!

I’m using your feedback to create what I call ‘Speaking Academy Pro’

A monthly membership and a place for you to learn and practice your communication skills.

How You Can Help

You can help by filling out this short survey that will let me know what you want included in this membership. (Click the blue text)

This is your chance to have a direct say in exactly what type of membership you want!

I’m building this with you, and for you.

By filling out this survey, it will also put you on the waitlist for when the membership enrolment opens first week of February.

The goal is to make you an amazing speaker, at the lowest possible cost.

Founding members will get the monthly membership for $0.90/day.

Yes, you read that right.

90 cents a day.

There will be a maximum of 25 seats available at launch to make sure I can improve the community before expanding it.

I genuinely hope we can make the best communication skills community on the planet,

I appreciate you!