Are you using your brain to speak?

Are You Using Your Brain To Speak?

Strange question, I know.

There are two sides of the brain that impact your speaking:

1) The analytical brain.

This part of the brain must understand everything.
It questions everything.
It judges everything.

This part communicates in sentences and dialogue.

When you hear a thought in your head “Oh, I hope I don’t mess up!”

This is your analytical brain.

It’s great for planning, reviewing, brainstorming.

However, it is TERRIBLE for delivering a speech or presentation.

A BIG duty of this brain is to PROTECT you from anything that would threaten your safety.

Most of the time, it severely overestimates what is ‘threatening.’

2) The automatic brain.

This part of the brain does things based on what it’s learned through repetition in the past.

Think: Tying your shoe laces, brushing your teeth, driving a car.

This allows you to do many things at the same time, without individually needing to think about every individual aspect of your mind and body and making them work together.

Unfortunately, however.

Most newbie public speakers,

They speak from the ANALYTICAL brain and not the AUTOMATIC brain.

This makes them more nervous,
and they ultimately don’t perform anywhere close to their potential.

Think about when you do your best at sports, or in social situations.

You’re never actively thinking and questioning yourself.

But often during times of public speaking, that’s exactly what we find ourselves doing.

Thinking makes you worse, not better.

The question is:

How do you access the automatic brain so you can speak like a professional?

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