Give Upfront Value

Give Upfront Value

Every entrepreneur and CEO aims to stand out and get the attention of their target consumers or audience. 

And high-profile business owners know very well that captivating an audience when delivering a speech isn't just a skill; it's a strategic advantage.

The best entrepreneurs are the givers. This may seem dramatic, but in a world obsessed with the chase for profit, the ones who linger in their audience's minds (and hearts) focus on giving upfront value.

Once the spotlight is on you, you don’t immediately pitch your products and services like the old salesman tactic. It’s practically outdated and can give your audience a cringe. 

Here’s what you can do instead…

Focus on providing HELP and VALUE right away.

Simple, right?

The most successful entrepreneurs we know are not merely go-getters; they are known for being givers. The goal is to be more intentional and relational with your target market and not too transactional.

Public speaking becomes a transformative experience for your audience when the focus shifts from profit to help. 

It's a paradigm shift that transcends the conventional sales-driven approach and focuses more on GIVING UPFRONT VALUE rather than asking, “What’s in it for me?”. 

As paradoxical as it may seem, the less you concentrate on selling, the more you gain. 

The strategy is to come from a place of help, offering value without expecting an IMMEDIATE or INSTANT RETURN.

4 Ways to Give Upfront Value

Think Actionable Insights Over Sales Pitches

Start by flipping the script. When you take the stage, your primary goal is to provide the audience with actionable insights they can immediately implement. Think actionable and repeatable. Share a nugget of wisdom, a practical technique, or a strategic approach that instantly adds value to their professional lives.

Share a Story that Resonates

Move beyond traditional presentations by telling stories that resonate with your audience on a personal level. Share real and relatable stories that showcase your expertise's transformative power. Let them see the human side behind the business persona, creating a lasting connection.

Host Interactive Q&A Sessions

Break down the proverbial fourth wall by encouraging interaction. A live Q&A session injects dynamism into your presentation, allowing your audience to shape and influence the conversation. Address their queries in real-time and offer customized solutions!

Give Free Resources and Tools

Everybody I know loves freebies of all sorts. It’s time to amplify your offering by giving away FREE downloadable resources, checklists, or exclusive tools that serve as practical assets for your audience. By giving them something they can use immediately, you establish yourself as an authoritative figure and evoke a sense of reciprocity.

Your USP: Serving Value

It’s all a battle of visibility for many businesses worldwide. In a sea of information overload, where every brand clamors for customer attention, the challenge is not just to be seen but to be seen as genuinely valuable. 

This is where the power of giving upfront value becomes pivotal for a business. 

In a space saturated with self-promotion and sales-driven agendas, your commitment to giving upfront value to your audience is your unique selling point. It may be much more crowded now than many years back, but those investing in goodwill have no difficulty standing out. 

Your business should not be chasing after cash or eager to sell right off the bat; it's all about serving value, one customer at a time.