How to Get People to See You as a Leader

Pop Quiz: Who would you associate with power, money, and authority?

To the naked eye,

A man wearing a suit signifies importance, responsibility, and authority.

Our brain unconsciously decides to make a snap decision based on what patterns it has observed in our lives before.

People of high influence dress well.

Therefore, this person dressed well must also be of high influence.

In this example, on the left, you have someone posing for a picture for a stock image. On the right, you have global superstar Adam Sandler taking a stroll.

If we had no prior knowledge of who these people are, we would assume the one with the suit is more influential

What’s the point?

I’m getting to it, relax!

The point is: How we LOOK makes us come across as more or less powerful.

Whether you like it or not, people are GOING to make decisions about you based on:

How you dress
How you talk
How you maintain eye contact
How you address others in the room.

Before you even open your mouth, people would have already made a judgement about you based on past patterns.

To judge is to be human, we can’t help it.

If we know this to be true, then what can we do to make sure we take advantage of this and are PERCEIVED to be more powerful, confident, and successful?

It’s common to think:

What do I SAY to speak like a CEO
HOW do I say it to speak like a LEADER

But no one asks,

What should I LOOK like when I walk into a room or on stage.

When this is the FIRST thing people will judge you on.

So how should you act in this situation?

I’ve made an in-depth video on this subject here:


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