Who is Your CEO Voice?

Ever get that feeling like you’re just one average CEO in a sea of suits, each trying to grab the attention of a busy audience with extremely short attention spans?

It can be intimidating, I know.

And I understand the struggle. 

But here's the real deal: honing your authentic CEO voice isn't just about who makes the loudest noise or buzz - it all boils down to creating lasting IMPACT + INFLUENCE.

Will your potential buyers recognize you in a crowded room?

Will your brand linger long after the applause?

Imagine a packed auditorium, with CEOs rotating on stage. It’s a tough spot to be in when you have a wide blue ocean of competition around.

When the spotlight is on you, what do you do?

And now, it’s up to you, will you sink or swim?

The ONLY WAY to capture and hold the attention of your audience isn’t to deliver a dry speech or copy another famous CEO, but to be authentic and tap and use your authentic CEO voice so you can target where it matters whenever you step up and speak on stage.

Here are my top 7 strategies to do just that:

1. Be Authentic.  

Awakening your CEO voice means digging deep into who you are.

Beyond the title, explore your values, passions, and quirks! Don’t be afraid to show struggles or flaws. Remember, we all mess up sometimes but it’s getting back on our feet that counts.

You know what? People will always fall in love with a RELATABLE and HUMAN BRAND.

While being a copycat of another popular CEO can turn heads instantly - it won’t be enough to gain loyal head-over-heels followers in the long term.

What's your journey? What defines you? Allow your audience a glimpse of the person behind the professional CEO facade.

2. Stir Emotions with Stories

Facts are easily forgotten; it's stories that endure.

Everything is an EMOTIONAL PURCHASE so shape narratives that strike emotional chords. Talk about personal and brand stories that prompt your audience to nod in agreement.

People buy from brands that they can relate to and get them from the core!

Brand storytelling makes your message unforgettable and familiar.  Don’t just scratch the surface. Let your audience feel your brand journey.

3. Be Unforgettable.

Break away from the ordinary. Your CEO voice should be too irresistible to ignore!

Do you remember anyone delivering a monotone speech? I bet you won’t. 

And that is exactly my point. 

Break the lull by injecting humor, sprinkling anecdotes, and dropping emotional metaphors that transform your speeches into memorable performances.

Yes, be confident and give your audience something to rave about!

4. Be Vulnerable.

Perfection is overrated. 

EMBRACE IMPERFECTIONS—the real stuff that makes you relatable. Your CEO voice should feature moments of vulnerability, not just a polished performance.

Share moments of failure, lessons learned, and the growth that ensued.

Imperfections create a connection, turning you into more than just a CEO but a relatable human. 

It's not about glorifying failure but showcasing your human side - showing that anyone can wing it despite failures. Everybody fails and falls flat on their faces - but that only makes your comeback an event to remember! 

Do this and watch how your audience will connect with the authenticity, forming a bond beyond the surface!

5. Know Your Audience. 

I hate to burst your bubble but here’s the thing: YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

It’s all about your audience. Know them like the back of your hand and I swear, you will be memorable.

Many CEOs obsess about their brands too much and it shows when they deliver speeches. Make it not about you or how great you are but rather, focus on the TRANSFORMATION YOU PROMISE for your audience. 

6. Speak Their Language. 

It's time to speak the language of your audience. Understand and use their lingo or nuances.

Immerse yourself in your audience's world. What phrases resonate with them? What makes them tick? Speak their language, and you'll leave a lasting mark.

7. Be Spontaneous.

Practice makes perfect, but spontaneity is the soul of your CEO voice.

Rehearse enough to be confident, but leave room for those unexpected riffs. You can try getting more action into the room by asking questions or probing, showing that you value their input.

Quit obsessing about delivering a faultless speech, leave some wiggle room for surprises. Your voice shouldn’t be too rehearsed abd should feel alive, responding to the energy of the moment! 

When you discover your authentic CEO voice, you attract yet repel some. Hey, you're not for everyone, and that's okay. 

Define your public speaking brand for those who need your game-changing ideas. Craft your message using keywords and emotional triggers that hit your audience right through the core.

With overwhelming options around, your CEO voice positions you as the go-to expert, the one who doesn't just speak well but truly understands your target audience.

Your unique CEO voice will make you stand out in a highly competitive digital arena. Your authentic voice pulls the right audience in so you can 10x your impact and influence in no time!