Can Introverts be Good Speakers?

Can Introverts be Good Speakers?

When we think of a good public speaker, what qualities come to mind?


But when we reflect back to our ‘introverted personality’ - we feel,

“That’s just not me… I can’t do that!”

Today, I want to show you that you CAN do it.

I host publics peaking workshops all the time and I always get someone in the audience who tells me

“I am an introvert, I can’t assert myself in front of other people, I’m very quiet.”

I want you to watch this. In a matter of 2 minutes, we took this ‘shy’ student and turned him 10x more confident using one simple trick

Here’s what I do with my clients, this is the exact process:

First, I ask them to come up and speak about a certain topic.

They don’t need to do a good job or perform in any way.

Once they speak, I get them to tell me what THEY thought they did well and what they need to improve on.

For example,
+Great eye contact
+Good story
- Not the loudest voice
- Went too fast.

I will then pick ONE thing to improve and just get them to practice that over and over again.

This extreme focus is what allows us to see rapid changes.

How You Can Implement This:

1) Choose a topic to speak about
2) Record yourself on your phone
3) Watch it back and ask yourself ‘‘what do I need to improve’’
4) ONLY focus on that particular aspect of speaking until you’re satisfied with it then move on to the next
5) Repeat every day.

We help our clients go from anxious speakers to world-class speakers that give them more clients, a faster promotion, and a much more free and fulfilling life.

Linu is a prime example of making this happen. He developed spectacular communication skills working with us, and soon after, got promoted to a Director role at Deloitte in Denmark.

The possibilities of your potential are LIMITLESS.

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