1:1 Speaking Coaching with Yasir Khan
For 7 Figure+ Founders & Business Owners

Why work with Yasir?

If you’re looking for just a speaking coach, this isn’t for you..
…But If you’re looking for a world-class public speaking coach,

Then Yasir is the coach you need.

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Who Yasir Works With?

Yasir works with high net-worth founders, and high-ranking executives from companies like Microsoft, Boeing, Apple, Uber, Warner Bros, Google, J.P Morgan, Deloitte, and many, many more.

Here’s what Shannon Klingman, the founder of Lume (A billion dollar deodorant brand) had to say about working with Yasir:

Here’s what Fatih Yildiz, the co-founder of Edge Delta, a data observability company valued at $400 Million, had to say about working with Yasir

Yasir can help you achieve 4 main goals

1- Perfecting the construction and delivery of your specific presentations and speeches.

2- Developing the skill of public speaking to excel in any communication-based environment and be perceived as a person of authority and credibility.

3- Overcome the fear of public speaking, speaking in front of crowds and people of authority.

4- Training your team to become confident public speakers to drive engagement and revenue

Ahmed overcame his speaking anxiety, and began speaking like a leader. He got promoted to his dream role shortly after his coaching.

What’s Yasir’s Background?

Yasir has coached more than 2000 people in one-on-one, in group cohorts, corporate trainings, seminars, webinars, workshops, you name it, over the past 7 years.

He has personally developed his own speaking skills from scratch, as someone with social anxiety growing up to becoming a TEDx Speaker, and an award-winning public speaking coach.

The coaching techniques Yasir uses come from real world experience, coaching entrepreneurs through high-stakes presentations, and being in the trenches with them for well over 10,000 hours.

Leading Speaking Training Seminars for Industry Leaders

How Yasir’s Coaching Works

After you book a time to speak with Yasir, you will get a calendar invite to select a time option that works for you.

To prepare for the call you will need to have the following ready:

  • Specific goals you want to achieve - long-term, and during the 60 minutes

  • Specific challenges that you’re facing when it comes to your speaking skills

  • Clear timeline of when you want to start

Yasir will facilitate the coaching call once you join.

After the call, you and Yasir can decide if working together is a good fit.

Ready for Private Coaching?

Packages start at $10,000, and vary depending on your goals.

Click here to schedule a one-hour coaching call with Yasir Khan

Note: If you’re looking for a longer engagement or something more specific, please email ([email protected]) for details.

If you’re on a tight budget,

We suggest working with Yasir’s team of certified coaches on the Speak Like a CEO Program instead.

What Clients Say Working with Yasir